SCANNING VOL. 24, 70–74 (2002)
Received: April 26, 2001
Accepted with revision: August 19, 2001
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Energy Distribution of Electron Backscattering from Crystals and Relation to Electron Backscattering Patterns and Electron Channeling Patterns

Dirk Berger and Heinz Niedrig

Technical University Berlin, Optical Institute, Berlin, Germany

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Summary: This paper reports on the influence of the channeling effect on the energy distribution of electrons backscattered from crystals with different atomic numbers Z. These results can be used for the optimization of the contrast of electron backscattering and electron channeling patterns.

Energy and angular resolved electron scattering distributions are obtained using a 4-axial experimental setup with a moveable high-resolution spherical spectrometer. Special care is taken to suppress undesired reflections of electrons inside the spectrometer. This experimental setup allows the direct observation of the excitation of different Bloch waves (anomalous absorption and transmission) within the crystal for different electron incidence angles and the observation of angular distributions of elastically scattered electrons. Results are presented for Si and Au monocrystals, showing that the influence of the channeling effect is more distinct for low atomic numbers.

Key words: electron channeling patterns, backscattered electrons, energy distribution, monocrystal, anomalous absorption

PACS: 61.85.+p, 68.55.Jk, 61.14.-x, 61.14.Dc, 34.80Bm

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