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April 5–7. Monterey, California, USA
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February 4, 2005

SCANNING Vol. 19, 269–274 (1997)
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Received April 10, 1996
Accepted with revision June 18, 1996

Three-Dimensional Studies of SiC Polytype Transformations

G.V. Saparin, S.K. Obyden, P.V. Ivannikov, E.B. Shishkin, E.N. Mokhov,* A.D. Roenkov,* D.H. Hofmann†

Department of Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow; *A.F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia; †Material Science Institute YI, University of Erlangen-Nurenberg, Erlangen, Germany

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Scanning electron microscopy technique in colour cathodoluminescence mode is proposed for two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) studies of polytype structures of SiC epitaxial layers grown by the sublimation sandwich method. It allows us to perform layer-by-layer structure analysis of a polytype on depths up to 2.5 µm with high resolution. An effect of polytype instability under growth on singular substrate (0001) is revealed. It leads to the fact that the grown SiC layer represents the set of alternating sublayers of different polytypes such as 4H, 6H, and 3C. Some mechanisms of polytype syntaxy in SiC are discussed.

Key words: silicon carbide, polytypism, cathodoluminescence, scanning electron microscopy, epitaxial layers, substrates

Presentation of this paper was made possible through the support of the Foundation for Advances in Medicine and Science, Inc.

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G.V. Saparin
Department of Physics
Moscow State University
Moscow 119899, Russia