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April 5–7. Monterey, California, USA

SCANNING Vol. 19, 292–296 (1997)
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Received June 24, 1996
Accepted with revision August 2, 1996

World Wide Web-Controlled Scanning Electron Microscope

G. Chand, B.C. Breton, N.H.M. Caldwell, D.M. Holburn

Cambridge University Engineering Department, Cambridge, U.K.

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This paper1 presents a system for remote control of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) over the Internet using the World Wide Web (WWW). The evolution of the SEM to its current incarnation as a PC-SEM is noted, and the World Wide Web is briefly described. The implementation of the authors' system is detailed in terms of configuration and manner of interaction. The potential commercial applications of the research are described. Related work in microscopy and networking fields is considered. A discussion of the advantages of the described system and expected future directions for research and development concludes the paper.

Key words: remote microscopy, World Wide Web, scanning electron microscopy, diagnosis, remote control

1 This paper is a full-length version of (Chand et al. 1996) as presented at Scanning '96.

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B. C. Breton
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