The Journal of Scanning Microscopies

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Contents Volume 25, Number 2, March­April (2003)

Proceedings of SCANNING 2003, San Diego, Calif., USA

Robert P. Becker, Guest Editor

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Platform Presentations

Saturday, May 3

Advances in microscopy and microanalysis: Biological and biomedical  53
Practical digital imaging  59
Advances in microscopy and microanalysis: Materials  60
Museum applications of SEM  62

Sunday, May 4

Applications of scanning microscopy in forensic science  64
Electron/instrument interaction modeling in the SEM  70
Structural biology  74
Modern light microscopy  77
Electron backscattered diffraction and channeling in scanning electron microscopy  81

Monday, May 5

Variable pressure microscopy  83
Focused ion beam (FIB)  86
Hard tissue research in biology & medicine  89
Nanotechnology: Reality and vision  97
Thin film microstructure analysis  99

Poster Presentations  101